Buy, sell, win
Fakeonomy is a stock market game.
You start with $250 and have 90 seconds to trade stocks and make the high scores. Remember: Buy low, sell high!
Fakeonomy is a stock market simulation where you buy and sell stocks to win. Trade your way to the top of the leaderboards, level up and collect achievements along the way.

New World Pharma NWP: $10.00

An emerging pharmaceutical company

Water Works WW: $80.00

The legal water distribution monopoly

Ultra Tech Ventures UTV: $350.00

Developing the next big thing

Bow & Ring Accounting BRA: $7.50

Full-service accounting and consultancy firm

Bank of Fakeonomy BOF: $12.50

Financial institution specializing in client-focused wealth management solutions

Dirtpile Resources Corp DRC: $150.00

Mineral extraction and refinement conglomerate