Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fakeonomy?

Fakeonomy is a stock market simulation game that is based on fake companies. Compared to traditional practice trading simulations with real companies, Fakeonomy is fast paced - no need to wait days to come back and check on the performance of your investments.

How do I win?

You win by finishing a trading round with the highest net worth, meaning having made the most profits. Get a "high score" and get your spot ont the top lists. We're proud of you every time you beat your personal best.

How long is a game?

Games (trading sessions) last 90 seconds. The prices change every second - after 90 seconds it's as if a year has passed on Fakeonomy.

Which stocks should I buy?

Companies each have their own risk, and return potential. Choose a company in a riskier industry and you can make higher profits, but you could also lose it all.

I have an idea to improve Fakeonomy, who do I tell?

We want to hear from you! Please use the contact form on the about page.